Del-Tech Energy is a leader in bio-mass fuelled energy systems. We supply systems for lumber dry kilns, material dryers, board presses, log conditioning, power generation and plant heating systems. We provide a complete package in design, engineering, fabrication, installation, electrical design, and controls. Our systems can help you keep your money that is currently tied up in wood waste inventory and utility costs.

Del-Tech also specializes in bio-mass combustion systems complete from fuel handling to emission control equipment. Heat recovery is converted into many energy sources. These energy sources include thermal oil, flu gas steam, and electricity.

Our line of work includes:

• Bio-Mass Energy Plants
• Wood Pellet Plants
• Refractory Installation & Service
• Dry Kiln Modification
• Thermal Oil Part Sales & Service

Thermal Oil Heating Systems

Del-Tech designs, manufactures, installs and repairs bio-mass fuelled thermal oil heating systems. We are centrally located in heart of one of the world’s leading forest industries and we have a long history of proven technology. With in-house engineering, in-house PLC programming and strong after-sales support, we provide turn-key systems designed specifically for our customer’s needs.. Our expertise is backed by our Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program contractor’s licence.

Features of our systems include:

• Improved heat distribution in dry kilns
• Internal heat exchangers allow for future kiln zone control with minimal expense
• Superior heat release using extruded aluminum finned tubing.
•Expandable to meet future heating requirements
• Turn down capabilities
• Modem capabilities allow immediate trouble shooting from remote locations
• All piping to B31.3 code
• Low BTU per square foot heat release
• Low maintenance costs
• Reduced labour costs

Pellet Plants

Del-Tech designs and manufactures complete pellet plants, including thermal energy used for material dryers. Environmental concerns have prompted the development of ways to best maximize fibre output, while limiting wood waste. Improvements to wood waste management can have impacts on energy costs, operational expenses, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Del-Tech’s expertise is proven, and ready to work for you.

In 2000, for instance, Del-Tech designed and built the Premium Pellet wood pellet plant in Vanderhoof, BC. We then expanded it in 2004, and the plant has grown to an annual output of 200,000 Tonnes per Annum. The Premium Pellet Plant is a model of environmental stewardship and profitability.

Products & Services

Del-Tech offers many products & services under the broad headings of Refractory, Thermal Oil Part Sales, Thermal Oil Pump Repairs, Thermal Oil Filtration, and Control Systems. We are pleased to offer general and specific solutions for our customers in managing business process flows and cut down on operational inefficiencies. We can also help you identify and solve constraints in your manufacturing line, improve throughput, and control inventory.

These principals are not limited to the Forestry industry, but apply to all types of manufacturing. Whether they be by improvements to equipment, additions to existing plant designs, or a complete re-engineering of process flows, let us find your solution today.

More About Control Systems

Our Control Systems utilize modern PLC controllers and high quality HMI designs for trouble free plant operation. Del-Tech can supply complete control packages for an existing system or simple control upgrades such as variable speed fans and emission monitoring.


Thermal Oil Systems, including: fuel system controls; retrofit of existing hardwired systems; diesel backup pump controls; emission monitoring systems; dynamic system leak detection; combustion chamber and heat exchanger controls; HMI designs for operation and record keeping; application of VFDs to combustion fans to replace high maintenance dampers.

Suspension Burners, including: natural gas controls; suspension burners.

Dry Kilns, including: economy controls, HMI reporting packages.

More About Thermal Oil Filtration

Thermal Oil Filtration systems are a Del-Tech specialty. We have installed filtration systems at many plants, and can customize to meet specific requirements.

A typical Thermal Oil Heating System may have in excess of 100,000 litres of oil in the heater, piping, coils and storage. The Del-Tech Filtering System is designed to filter the system oil up to 6 times per day. The frequency of filtration is determined by the volume of oil in services (amount) divided by the pump volume (amount per hour).

• The Del-Tech Thermal Oil Filtering System filters while the plant is operating, NO DOWN TIME.
• Remove harmful abrasive carbon particles.
• Extend the life of pumps and valves, etc.
• Rapid cool down time to prepare for element change.
• Easily changed filter elements.
• Considerably less cost than oil replacement and disposal.

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